The Kindest Cut- Locks for Love

Most donation organizations prefer virgin tresses because chemically treated hair is to weak to withstand the sanitation process. Some companies will accept hair that has been colored but none except hair that has been lightened or bleached. Hair that is more that 5% gray is also less desirable, because it accepts color at a slower rate and prevents uniform coloring to a realistic wig shade. Gray hair also tends to fade in color faster once stained.

Length requirements range from a minimum of 8-12 inches, layered hair is acceptable as long as the shortest layer is a least 8 inches long.

To cut the hair put it a pony tail or braid securing it at the scalp and on the end. Make sure that the elastic at the scalp gives you enough hair to cut and  style once the hair is all cut off. Measure the hair  from the scalp elastic to the end one to make sure you have the required amount of length.

For information on where to take or send the  hair contact The Hair Place @  303-233-4764

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