Stop Hair Problems cont’d

Most mishaps can be easily prevented with common sense

Don’t use to many or to much styling products. Using more than one styling product to achieve your style is on-trend, the idea is to get different textures. Don’t mix all the products  in your hands and apply, this may cause build up and waste product. Apply body building products (gels , mouse, root lifters) first to blow dry with and then apply finishing products(paste, hair spray, or shine products) . Always start with a small amount of product and emulsify it in your hands and apply to hair (you can always wet your hands to use the rest of the product), apply more only if necessary .

Do look beyond the color on the front of the box. The way to select a hair color is to look on the back of the box to see how the hue will look on your natural color. Also keep in mind that the color you see on the box will be darker than it appears, so chose a lighter color than what you think you want.


Don’t make Major color changes at home. If your hair is fine, fragile, or porous, going it alone can be a recipe for disaster. Bleaching and highlighting are best left to the pros as are significant color changes. If you are looking to change you color more than two shades seek professional advise.

Do practice special occasion styling. Whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional do it,  a practice run for any specials occasion styling in a great idea. Products and hair change so for any special occasion, practice the style so you know it is what you want for the dress, and the occasion,  you want to avoid any disasters.

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