Stop Hair Problems before they start

To prevent unwanted and unsightly hair disasters, the key lies in taking preventive measures. One poorly thought-out decision involving scissors or chemicals can lead to disasters.

Here are some dos and don’ts for keeping you strands safe

Do get regular trims, even if your trying to grow your hair long, skipping trims leaves your hair with scraggly, unhealthy ends. If you have shorter hair or one with lots of texture, trims are more important because the cut gets out of shape as it grows.

Don’t wash fine limp hair daily. If you want to keep the fullness and volume wash fine hair every other day. The same applies to course curly hair. You can wet you hair and condition if needed, but washing removes natural oil that assist in keeping the volume in your hair, apply styling products and restyle.

Do hold your blow dryer at least 4″ from your head. This prevents heat -scorched  or burnt hair. Move your dryer as you are blowing dry  to keep it from concentrating in one area and burning your hair or head. Always keep you hair away from the air in-take filter to keep it from getting tangled in the dryers vent.

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