Stop a Problem Cont’d

Plan for any changes you are thinking of making.

Don’t make major changes before a special event. Always plan ahead for any special occasion. Any good salon will plan and get your color and cut done in a timely fashion prior to your occasion. If you don’t plan, don’t make it an urgent situation for your stylist, a good rule of thumb is two weeks prior to the occasion. This goes for men as well, don’t get a hair the week of your wedding.

Also avoid making any changes when your feeling emotional, be certain the look you are after is well thought out and positive. Get the advise from your stylist and discuss care and maintenance.

Do ask your stylist. Have them show you the products they are using and ask how to use them if they don’t talk to you about it.  Ask how you can style your hair at least two different ways.  Watch how they style it and ask questions if they use different tools than you use. Any stylist should be willing to teach you how to do what they do so you can do it at home.

Don’t fight nature too much. While people with straight hair want curly hair, people with curly hair want straight hair. Going overboard trying to get what you want can be damaging to your hair.  I f your blonde hair is darkening with age, color it within reason. If it takes two chemical services  to get what you want, decide what is more important texture (permanent waves) or color, go with your favorite.  In most cases you can get volume and body with color but you can’t get curl. If you texturize (perm) your hair you may have to work harder at getting the style you want. So make wise decisions with the help of your stylist.

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