Hair Cuts

on Men, Women, and Children, we are a family salon. The stylist can do your child’s first haircut as well as the highlights in Mom’s hair.Hair cuts on Men, Women and Children

Colors, Weaves, Foils & Glosses:

At The Hair Place we do all types of color, permanent, semi-permanent, decolorizing , where we design the color and technique for each client. We take into consideration skin tone, natural hair color, desired end color and amount of maintenance.

Weaves, Foils, & Balayage:

are types of techniques used with colors or decolorizing. Weaves/Balayage are hand woven and color is applied to the select strands of hair then left to process, this can only be done if the color used does not run or bleed onto the other hair. Foils: are also hand woven placed on foil, apply the color and fold it to secure it in place then process. With any of the techniques above you can used one color, two/three colors or you can used one color and one decolorizer (Bleach or Lightener) it depends upon the desired results and amount of maintenance wanted.



may be all-over color or it maybe semi permanent or it may be a combination of the two. The professional hair color that we use at The Hair Place are Redken and L’Oreal’s Majerial. With these three color lines we can achieve the desired color that the client is looking for.

Men’s Hair Color:

Redken’s Camo Color is designed to blend the gray and gradually wash out so there is no grow out line.


The stylist are trained to do all types of perms, Body waves, Spirals curls or any type of curl you are looking for.

Manicures and Pedicures:

Taking care of the nails is a primary concern, but we also keep in mind the care of the hands and feet with the use of a paraffin treatment to replenish the moisture in the hands and feet.

  Facial Waxing:

We utilizes a sensitive skin wax for all of the facial and neck waxing that we do on men and women


We have many current styling book that people can look at for styles, color ideas, hair cuts etc.

If you are looking for a change in your hair, please keep The Hair Place in mind.

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