If you are having problems with Hair Loss, Nioxin is the product line that we would recommend.

There can be many reasons for hair loss:


This can be helpful to know, so that you may help yourself and the products to work for you.

Nioxin is a three step process

  1. CLEANSE Cleanser is designed to clean the scalp of any build-up or debris from styling products, hair spray, medication, and DHT (dihydrotestosterone which is most prevalent in the AM or after working out.).
  2. RESTORE Scalp Therapy restores moisture and resilience to the scalp skin
  3. ACTIVATE Scalp treatments activate the scalp and nourishes the follicles by bring the circulation to the scalp.

Nioxin also has a product called Follicle Booster, which is an intensive leave-in treatment for areas of excessive thinning. It also has a line of styling products ( spray gels texturizer, and mousse) that work for fine thinning hair

This hair loss product line comes in different formulas, early stages. advanced stages and chemically treated formulas. The stylist at The Hair Place will recommend the proper regime for you specific needs.

Color Treated Hair

If you have colored, highlighted, foiled, frosted hair, you need to take care of it so the color looks the best it possibly can. Redken’s Color Extend are the shampoos and conditioners for color treated hair, as well as a deep reconstructor for you hair. This line also has a Sulfate Free shampoo and conditioner for those who don’t want sulfate in their products.

The Color Extend product line protects you hair from fade age, heat from blow dryers and curling irons, sun and wind damage.

Another product that The Hair Place uses to keep hair in good condition and shinny is Redken Shades EQ, which is a demi permanent color that adds shine and tone (if desired) to the hair. Shades EQ takes 20 in the salon and last up to six weeks. Your hair has more body and shine and this can be used in conjunction with any other hair color you get.

Keeping you hair healthy and in good condition makes you and the salon look better.

Remember Your hair is your most important accessory

Change the way you care for Naturally Curly hair

For the client who has curly or wavy hair, their hair is not a trend it’s a lifestyle that is embraced. She takes pride in her curls and wants products to support them.

Redken’s Curvaceous product line is the solution for that women.

Curly hair is fragile, and easily damaged, when the hair shaft is slightly lifted and porous, prone to frizz and unmanageablity.

The type of curl/wave that you have helps us determine what products you will need

  • Type II Wavy-open waves that are looser and less defined
  • Type III Curvy- mixture of looser or tighter curls that range from springy and bouncy to loose.
  • Type IV Curly- springy and bouncy curls that range from spiral to compact coils
  • Type V Springy -curls with body that vary from tightly coiled to densely compact, may be fine or medium in texture and appear thicker.
  • Type VI Spiral – the most densely compact and generally driest and most fragile texture due to the zigzag nature of the curl pattern

Curvaceous shampoo is a low lather gentle cleanser without add weight for all the types of curly hair, it maintains natural oil and provides curl definition

Curvaceous condition can be leave-in or rinse out, Quenches thirsty hair with moisture and weightless conditioner. Closes cuticle for added shine.

Curvaceous Curl pe is a nourishing mask for deep penetration to the driest curls and delivers natural oils to repair hair. most hydrating product, use weekly for springy spiral curls.

Curvaceous Wind Up is a reactivating spray , gives lazy loose curls a boost, control and tames frizz, can use with other products for control with out crunch

Curvaceous Full Swirl cream serum, seals in moisture and definition, locks out humidity for frizz control and shine. Full swirl is a 2in1 formula, a controlling serum and light cream for full body curls.

Curvaceous Ringlets reigns in unruly curls with control, soft hold, shiny, and touchable finish. Provides frizz control with lasting curls with amazing bounce and shine.

Curvaceous Wave Ahead texturizing mousse adds body and structure to shape and define waves with a satin finish. This light weight airy foam transforms into waxy fibers to add structure an texture.

The stylist at The Hair Place will consult with you about what product is right for your type of curly hair.

Tri Professional Hair Care

Product spotlight Aero Shine

Aero Shine is a spray shine product that is light weight and can be used on any hair type

It is very economical because a little goes a long way. It is an excellent way to finish styles, perfect for protecting the hair for iron work as it has a thermal properties.

Aero Shine is great for use on color treated hair because it has UV protection, it seals the cuticle layer to help protect the hair from fade age, it can be applied to wet or dry hair.

Aero Shine is never applied to scalp or roots of hair, only to the shaft to give your hair that satin shine.

We carry hair care products from NIOXIN, REDKEN, and tri. The items below are sold at our salon, so please stop by any time during the salon hours.

Nioxin Scalp and Hair Systems

Nioxin is a three part system for fine Thinning hair. The Cleanser and Scalp therapy do the same for all systems; the scalp treatments are different for the different stages of thinning.

kit1#1 System-for early stages of thinning hair
Cleanser #1 – cleans scalp
Scalp Therapy #1- prepares and moistures scalp
Scalp Treatment #1 –leave-in spray that nourishes scalp and follicles

#2 System – for advanced stages of thinning hair
Cleanser #2
Scalp Therapy #2
Scalp Treatment #2 – leave-in foam treatment that promotes follicle health

kit3# 3 System for early stages of Thinning with chemically treated Hair
Cleanser #3
Scalp Therapy #3
Scalp Treatment #3– leave-in spray that moisturizes and nourishes follicle and scalp

#4 System – for advanced stages of thinning with chemically treated hair
Cleanser #4
Scalp Therapy #4
Scalp Treatment #4– leave-in foam treatment that moisturizes and nourishes follicles

Follicle Booster-For advanced stages of thinning used as an added booster to the follicles

Thickening Spray –for added texture and body
Rejuvenating Elixir- leave-in cream for smoothness
Diamax Intensive Therapy– helps increase the thickness of each hair
Smoothing Reflective Gel– flexible Hold with added shine

Hair Sprays
Volumizing Reflective Spray- Humidity resistant, firm hold hair spray



Extreme- for Chemically treated hair
Strength Builder
Cat Treatment

Color Extend-For Color Treated Hair

Rich Recovery

color-extend-magneticsColor Extend Magnetic-Sulfate Free

Deep Conditioner

Curveous –For Curly Hair

Wind-up Spray
Ringlet Lotion
Wave Ahead Mousse
Full Swirl Cream Serum

all-softAll Soft –For dry brittle hair

Heavy Cream Mask
Argan Oil

Smooth Lock- Thermal Care for Dry/Unruly hair

Smooth Lock Stay Sleek leave-in cream
Heat Glide protective smoother

body-fullBody Full– Volumizing for Fine Hair


Clear Moisture –Light moisture for dry to normal hair

Polishing Prep detangler

blond-glamBlond Glam– For all shades of Blonde

Perfect Platinum Conditioner – to cut Gold

Styling Products

The numbers behind each product stands for the holding power.


Outshine 01 –anti frizz polishing milk
Shine Flash 02- glistening mist

satin-wear02Heat Styling

Satin Wear 02-prepping blow dry lotion
Duo Shield 07- color protecting gel cream
Iron Shape 11- thermal spray
Hot Sets 22- thermal setting mist


Thickening Lotion 06-all-over body builder
Full Frame 07- volumizing moose
Aerate 08- bodifying cream mousse
Guts 10- volume spray gel


Powder Grip 03- mattifying hair powder
Water Wax 03- shine defining pomade
Rewind 06- pliable styling paste
Rough Paste 12- working paste
Hardwear 16- super strong sculpting gel


Move Ability 05- light- weight defining cream paste
Mess Around 10- disrupting cream
Shape Factor 22- sculpting cream


Velevtine Gelatine 07- cushioning blow dry gel
Align 12- protective smoothing lotion

pillow-proof-blow-dry-2day-extenderBlow Dry

Pillow Proof Blow Dry- express primer
Pillow Proof Blow Dry- two day extender

Hair Sprays

Wax Blast 10- high impact finishing spry wax
Fashion Works 12- versatile hair spray
Quick Dry 18- instant finishing spray
Forceful 23- super strength hair spray
Control addict 28- extra high hold hair spray

Tri Design Hair Care

Ecollegen Shampoo-repairs and replenishes hair
Moisturizing Shampoo- replenishes moisture in the hair
Jojoba Shampoo– for oily hair
Clarifying Shampoo– removes build –up from hair
Hydrating Shampoo and Color Protectant– sulfate free color protectant

Unific Moisturizer- “green minty stuff” tingling cooling nutrient
Unific Daily Conditioner– nourishes and hydrates hair
Moisturizing Conditioner- moisturizes, detangles and strengthens hair
Daily Hydrating Conditioner– repairs and restores shine
Sculpture-Styling-Gel-6-ozLeave-in Reconstructor– strengthens, detangles and moisturizes without weighing hair down

Styling Products
Protein Bodifer- Volumizing spray that increase shine and control
Fashion Styling Mousse– adds body and texture while leaving hair soft and manageable
Smooth Hair Straightener –root to end smoothness, no frizz
Gel Spray- alcohol free spray that adds body, support, and defines curl
Sculpture Styling Gel- light to strong gel
Shape and Shine – firm hold and shine

Aero-Body-Infusion-3-ozAero Styling products
Aerogel- multi-use styling aid with the flexibility of a gel
Aero Body Infusion– light- weight volumizer to create body and shine
Aero Shine– shine enhance spray
Aero Whipped Gel Foam– volumizing foam that gives hair body and texture

Hair Spray
Control and Finishing Mist- non-aerosol working spray
Covert Control- Strong hold aerosol spray that maintains natural appearance






Do you have questions about these hair care products? Wondering what are the best products for your particular hair conditions and types? Talk to the hair care professionals at the Hair Place at your next Hair Appointment.