Meet Our Stylists

The staff at The Hair Place are very experienced in all aspects of Hair. We each have at least 30 years of continuous work.

We all have what we prefer and like to do best, be we have been in the business long enough that we can do it all. The team work, consultation and cooperation with each other is like no other salon.

Our continuing education keep us current with the styles and trends, as well as product knowledge of the three product lines we carry.

Edna Miklos

Edna Miklos Since getting out of beauty school in 1976 I have worked in two salon with The Hair Place being the last one for over 30 years. After working here for a year I purchased the salon and have never looked back.

At the salon we make our clients feel comfortable from the minute they walk in the door. We have many generations (up to 4) of clients that have been coming into the salon, that shows a level of trust and knowledge.

One of the things I like to do is hair cuts and colors, to do this you need to be able to communicate and listen to what the clients are saying, repeat back what they said to make sure it is what you heard. Pictures are always helpful when talking about color and cuts so the stylists know what the client is talking about.

Keeping clients hair in good condition and shiny is another passion of mine, to do so I use and recommend the three product lines that we carry: Redken, Tri Professional Hair Care, & Nioxin (for fine thinning hair).

Redken Shades EQ is one of my favorite semi permanent hair colors, it keeps the hair in good condition and imparts tone that makes hair shiny. This product can be used on everybody, especially if you have foiled or colored hair and want you hair to shine.

At The Hair Place I do all the manicures and pedicures, to me this just finishes off your look. Sometimes it is also the fact that people can no longer see or reach their toes for a proper cutting, so I can take care of it for them. This is where Gift certificates come in handy for the mom, grandma or favorite aunt that doesn’t need another nik-nak.

At The Hair Place your hair is your most important accessory.

Candace (Candy) Hidalgo

Candy HydalgoAs a stylist for 45 years I feel blessed to work in an industry that I can make others look and feel good about themselves. After getting my license I worked with my mother (Leona Shaw) and owned for the Treasure House of Beauty on 26th and Youngfield for 15 years.

As an educator for Redken 5th Avenue NYC, I have extensive training and product knowledge in all aspects of hair coloring and hair care maintenance. After I starting working at The Hair Place, we all were trained as Color Specialist in LO’real Professional Hair Coloring systems, where we learned coloring techniques including Foils, Balyayage, Slicing and color correction.

Another of my passions is hair cutting, weather it’s a precision haircut or a shattered haircut, it’s about what the customer wants and looks good on them. With every client a consultation is the most important part so that we both are on the same page when it comes to their hair.

Product knowledge includes knowing what is the best regime for each different client, hair maintenance is very important to keeping your hair looking and feeling good. If your hair doesn’t look good it a reflection on myself and the salon. We have products that will work for everyone if properly prescribed, “because your hair is your most important accessory.”

Karen Sanders

Karen SandersAfter testing and receiving my license I went to work for a woman who taught me a geometric cutting system, that builds the basic design of the haircut. With this system I measure and record your haircut to ensure a consistent and accurate haircut each time. This system has followed me through the years of salon ownership to being a Booth Renter at The Hair Place. For over 35 years I have been doing the thing that I love most which is giving people the haircut they enjoy and can work with every time.

My specialty in color is with foiling, to be able to enhance my haircuts with the added highlights and low-light give hair a finished look. The use of all the techniques of color add to the skills that all the stylist at The Hair Place utilize. As a stylist, I use and recommend Tri Professional Hair Care for my clients, as well as the Nioxin and Redken hair care products.

With my style of cutting I have changed disappointment and disasters into long term clients, who continually refer new clients to me, so if you’re looking for a fresh or seasonal style change we can take care of you at The Hair Place. If your hair is cut right, it will lay right.

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