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Pear and Round Shape faces

Pear commonly, this shape is wider at the jawline and chin, it has the opposite problem of the heart shape face. If you have a pear shape expose your forehead by wearing you hair off you face, or growing you bangs out, this will draw the eye away from the wider area. A jaw length bob is not a flattering look for a pear or heart shape face.

Round if you have cheeks and a chin that are round this would be your face shape. Because the proportions of this shape are to wide, longer hair or any cut that creates the illusion of length slims your face. Hair that covers your ears and moves onto you cheekbones conceals width, wispy sides can be flattering. For longer hair, layered cuts that angle toward the face with bang at an angle create a slimming effect.

New looks for Old cuts

The Bob is a classic style, updating it  can mean layering it for more texture, angle cut for movement, shattered ends for a chic modern look.

The Pixie is a breezy, edgy look that can be changed with longer sideburns with sharp V-shape over the ears. Short crowns with side swept fronts can create texture and movement. Best of all it’s effortless, quick finger styling with a little product and your out the door.

A bi-level style that is left longer from the crown to temples with cut outs around the ears, create a bold disconnected look that ends with a chin length points to give softness around the face.

Curly Hair Do’s and Don’ts

Frizzy hair isn’t just a summer problem: it happens in cooler months too.

  1. All curls need moisture. Start with a leave-in conditioner or cream. Redken’s Curvaceous Curl has two products that work wonderfully for this. Ringlets and Full Swirl, which are both cream products that add moisture and shine to the hair.
  2. After you combed out the tangles apply your product and let it dry, don’t comb through it after it’s dry it will only cause frizz.
  3. Keeping layers longer and removing weight from the interior will give more volume on top and give more control elsewhere.
  4. Always use a heat protectant prior to styling . Using a blow-dryer with Ion technology will aid in keeping hair shiney and prevent frizz.
  5. After washing make sure to apply conditioner and leave it on a long a possible. If you don’t wash your hair daily, mix 8oz. of water and a tablespoon of conditioner in a spray bottle, (always shake well) use this to revive curl on alternative days

Redken Curvaceous Curl line has excellent products for the person with curly hair, The Hair Place will advise you on the best products for you to use.

Remove Build-up from your hair

Buildup on the outside of the hair can prevent moisture and nutrients from penetrating the cuticle layer of the hair leaving it dry and dull looking.

Buildup can be the result from product use, minerals in water, environment, and chlorinated pools. Safely removing these buildups without stripping the natural oils, you need to use a clarifying shampoo. Shampooing with a clarifying treatment once a month is recommended and especially prior to a color or chemical service.

Clarifying your hair prior to a conditioning treatment will make you hair ready to accept the moisture you are putting on, so clarify before you use a deep conditioner.

At The Hair Place we recommend Tri Design Clarifying Shampoo and Redken Hair Cleansing Cream.

Product Profile Tri Design Keratin Amino Intense Repair

Tri  Design Keratin Amino Intense repair  is the perfect remedy for dry damaged hair . It is a deep penetrating conditioning treatment that restores and revives damaged hair. With a once a week treatment you hair will look and feel healthier.

Keratin Amino Intense Repair’s action is three-fold: it moisturizes, protects and strengthens your hair. essential moisturizers increase the resiliency and shine. A thermal protectant  smoothes and seals the cuticle layer to prevent further damage from heat styling. Protein Amino acid penetrate deep inside the hair to bond with the keratin structure leaving the hair stronger and more manageable.

Stop by The Hair Place and pick up some Keratin Amino Intense Repair for you hair today.

Keeping your Blowout Fresh

You have taken the time to do a blowout- now keep it as long a possible

Start things off with the proper Shampoos and Conditioners for you type of hair. For instance if you have oily hair avoid hydrating shampoos and only condition the ends.

Sleep on a silk pillow case- it will allow you hair to move freely and maintain it’s fullness

To freshen up your scalp use a Tri’s Dry Shampoo to absorb excess oil and odors.

When showering don’t use a shower cap- it can make you head sweat- wrap you head loosely with a cotton towel. The towel will keep out moisture and humidity and allow your hair to breathe.

Don’t over use products- they can build-up and cause you style to flatten.

Gold or Beige That is the Question??

This season instead of adding gold to you blonde hair for warmth, heat things up with hints of beige. Most people gravitate to golds, ambers and oranges tone but those don’t always flatter skin tones. Beige is a cooler way to warm up blonde without making your color gold. Beige being a cooler tone can accent blondes in conjunction with the warmer colors to give the hair a sun-kissed look.

Platinum Blondes are the rage this season, they can be combined with hints of purple or blue to give it avant-garde appearance.

Always take you skin tone in to consideration when choosing a tone for you hair.

Fine (Hair) Strategies

If you have fine hair you have to make the most of what you got. Accept the fact that you will never have a big head of curly hair. The proper cut is the key. Blunt cuts make the hair feel thicker and typically fine hair should not be much longer than the collarbone, any longer and it looks split and piece-y. The bob in any one of it’s variations is  a great choice.

Pick the right products, use light weight volumizers Tri Mousse is excellent, and Redken’s Power Grip and Quick Tease are great for adding volume to fine hair.

Adding hair color and highlights expand the cuticle adding body and hold, but because fine hair is fragile don’t go overboard with the highlights.

Basic Layers for Short hair

Layers can enhance your short cut, but you need to choose the lengths that will deliver what you want.

Short layers are perfect for alleviating weight that can cause hair to go flat. Texturizing the ends will give your hair the shattered look and give you the ability to piece the ends out. Tip; only condition your ends if they need it, not you scalp to avoid weighing the hair down. Apply styling product (Tri Mousse or Tri Spray gel) to the scalp to give more lift.

Long layers on short cuts like the bob or lob(long bob) create a soft silky elegance  when hair is styled straight. Tip; Apply Redken’s  Argan oil to tame flyaways  and blow dry with a diffuser and medium sized round brush.

Tick, Tock!

Whether you have just a few seconds or all the time in world, short hair can be long on versatility. here are some ways to switch it up.

If you have;

30 seconds: Use a pomade or gel to slick your hair back into a wet look, or add some tousled texture.

5 minutes: Create a strong off- center part and flat iron narrow sections into pin straight perfection.

30 minutes: Blow-dry hair with a diffuser, scrunching it to increase it’s texture. Once dry apply a little silicone serum on the ends , then use the curling iron on random ends to create messy-chic waves