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Oval and Square Shape Faces

Oval is considered the ideal face shape because it works with most lengths and haircuts. The oval is proportional and balanced, it is typically 1 1/2 times as long as it is wide, and the forehead is a tad wider than the jawline. If this describes you, you can wear super short crops, very long hair and everything in between. If you face is oval and petite avoid super full, big volume hair it will overwhelm you.

Square is wider than it is long, this shape is often associated with a prominent square  jawline. Your best bet is to create a slimming effect via the illusion of more length and less width. Try cuts that are longer than chin length, so it draws the eye down. For short hair keep it above the chin and fuller on top. Layers soften this face shape and cuts with angles are ideal.

Rich Shades Rule

During the colder month we tend to gravitate towards highlight in richer hues.

If you have light brown hair, dark caramel lowlight with accent the natural hair color and make the hair look richer.

For women with dark brown hair, adding auburn and deep red highlights will create a lush look.

For blondes, a dark caramel highlights will give your hair the boost  for a new look.

Please keep The Hair Place in mind when you are looking for a fresh change in your hair color.


Fab for Summer

To update a shag, use choppy layers and finger styling to achieve an effortless messy textured look.  But if you don’t want a look that is overly undone, create a smooth super full crown and limit the pieciness around the face.

Kick up the wedge, if you have fairly thick, wavy hair use interior layers with a heavy graduation in the back. Use soft fringe to fall over the forehead, when blowing dry flip the ends out.

Short layered look, start with a layer crop, keeping it longer in the front with an angle over one eye. In the crown shorten the layers for fullness, and use a strong gel for holding.

Men’s Hairstyles

Men’s hairstyling is changing, the 1950’s are making a comeback. Loose pompadour, close sides with the high longer top that is loose and messy. “Quiff”- combining Mohawk, pompadour and flat-top, short sides, long top that is set to look smooth, think Elvis Presley with clippered  sides. Even if they don’t want to admit it men enjoy an style revamp, it boosts their confidence. Messy hair plus a beard & stache are ruggedly sexy. At The Hair Place, men feel welcome and at home.

Heart and Oblong Face Shapes

Heart  shape is a flipped version of the square in that is very wide in the forehead and narrow in the jawline. Opt for shoulder length cuts with layers near the jawline or a short flip which add length to the jaw area. Bangs are good for heart shape to conceal the widest part of the face. Keep height to a minimum.

Oblong if this is your shape you appear to long and slightly out of proportion with your forehead. The illusion of width easily solves this problem. Look for a chin length bob that is fuller on the sides. Avoid styles that are full on top as they’ll only elongate your face. If your chin is pointed, opt for a cut that falls above the chin as it draws the eye up.

The Kindest Cut- Locks for Love

Most donation organizations prefer virgin tresses because chemically treated hair is to weak to withstand the sanitation process. Some companies will accept hair that has been colored but none except hair that has been lightened or bleached. Hair that is more that 5% gray is also less desirable, because it accepts color at a slower rate and prevents uniform coloring to a realistic wig shade. Gray hair also tends to fade in color faster once stained.

Length requirements range from a minimum of 8-12 inches, layered hair is acceptable as long as the shortest layer is a least 8 inches long.

To cut the hair put it a pony tail or braid securing it at the scalp and on the end. Make sure that the elastic at the scalp gives you enough hair to cut and  style once the hair is all cut off. Measure the hair  from the scalp elastic to the end one to make sure you have the required amount of length.

For information on where to take or send the  hair contact The Hair Place @  303-233-4764

Stop Hair Problems before they start

To prevent unwanted and unsightly hair disasters, the key lies in taking preventive measures. One poorly thought-out decision involving scissors or chemicals can lead to disasters.

Here are some dos and don’ts for keeping you strands safe

Do get regular trims, even if your trying to grow your hair long, skipping trims leaves your hair with scraggly, unhealthy ends. If you have shorter hair or one with lots of texture, trims are more important because the cut gets out of shape as it grows.

Don’t wash fine limp hair daily. If you want to keep the fullness and volume wash fine hair every other day. The same applies to course curly hair. You can wet you hair and condition if needed, but washing removes natural oil that assist in keeping the volume in your hair, apply styling products and restyle.

Do hold your blow dryer at least 4″ from your head. This prevents heat -scorched  or burnt hair. Move your dryer as you are blowing dry  to keep it from concentrating in one area and burning your hair or head. Always keep you hair away from the air in-take filter to keep it from getting tangled in the dryers vent.

Check the next  weeks blog for more problem solving tips

Stop a Problem Cont’d

Plan for any changes you are thinking of making.

Don’t make major changes before a special event. Always plan ahead for any special occasion. Any good salon will plan and get your color and cut done in a timely fashion prior to your occasion. If you don’t plan, don’t make it an urgent situation for your stylist, a good rule of thumb is two weeks prior to the occasion. This goes for men as well, don’t get a hair the week of your wedding.

Also avoid making any changes when your feeling emotional, be certain the look you are after is well thought out and positive. Get the advise from your stylist and discuss care and maintenance.

Do ask your stylist. Have them show you the products they are using and ask how to use them if they don’t talk to you about it.  Ask how you can style your hair at least two different ways.  Watch how they style it and ask questions if they use different tools than you use. Any stylist should be willing to teach you how to do what they do so you can do it at home.

Don’t fight nature too much. While people with straight hair want curly hair, people with curly hair want straight hair. Going overboard trying to get what you want can be damaging to your hair.  I f your blonde hair is darkening with age, color it within reason. If it takes two chemical services  to get what you want, decide what is more important texture (permanent waves) or color, go with your favorite.  In most cases you can get volume and body with color but you can’t get curl. If you texturize (perm) your hair you may have to work harder at getting the style you want. So make wise decisions with the help of your stylist.

Stop Hair Problems cont’d

Most mishaps can be easily prevented with common sense

Don’t use to many or to much styling products. Using more than one styling product to achieve your style is on-trend, the idea is to get different textures. Don’t mix all the products  in your hands and apply, this may cause build up and waste product. Apply body building products (gels , mouse, root lifters) first to blow dry with and then apply finishing products(paste, hair spray, or shine products) . Always start with a small amount of product and emulsify it in your hands and apply to hair (you can always wet your hands to use the rest of the product), apply more only if necessary .

Do look beyond the color on the front of the box. The way to select a hair color is to look on the back of the box to see how the hue will look on your natural color. Also keep in mind that the color you see on the box will be darker than it appears, so chose a lighter color than what you think you want.


Don’t make Major color changes at home. If your hair is fine, fragile, or porous, going it alone can be a recipe for disaster. Bleaching and highlighting are best left to the pros as are significant color changes. If you are looking to change you color more than two shades seek professional advise.

Do practice special occasion styling. Whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional do it,  a practice run for any specials occasion styling in a great idea. Products and hair change so for any special occasion, practice the style so you know it is what you want for the dress, and the occasion,  you want to avoid any disasters.

Ask First, Cut Second

If you think your ready to snip your locks into a short hair style or pixie, it is important to communicate with your stylist about exactly what you want and be sure you are ready for the upkeep.

3 Key Questions to ask before you start cutting.

1) What specific style do I want?

You shouldn’t just say I want short hair- tell them what style and length your looking to achieve. Bring a picture so they have an ideas if it’s a pixie or asymmetrical, or just a short style.

2) What type of products do I need to purchase in order to maintain the look?

Styling short hair or pixies may require you to adjust your  styling routine and invest in different products, such as pomades or styling waxes. Ask for instructions and recommendation on the new products.

3) How often will I need to get a haircut to maintain the look?

Maintaining short cuts or pixies require more upkeep than you may be used to, so be sure that you are ready for this maintenance. You will probably need to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks.