Ask First, Cut Second

If you think your ready to snip your locks into a short hair style or pixie, it is important to communicate with your stylist about exactly what you want and be sure you are ready for the upkeep.

3 Key Questions to ask before you start cutting.

1) What specific style do I want?

You shouldn’t just say I want short hair- tell them what style and length your looking to achieve. Bring a picture so they have an ideas if it’s a pixie or asymmetrical, or just a short style.

2) What type of products do I need to purchase in order to maintain the look?

Styling short hair or pixies may require you to adjust your  styling routine and invest in different products, such as pomades or styling waxes. Ask for instructions and recommendation on the new products.

3) How often will I need to get a haircut to maintain the look?

Maintaining short cuts or pixies require more upkeep than you may be used to, so be sure that you are ready for this maintenance. You will probably need to get it trimmed every 4-6 weeks.




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